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What is the Rebate and Exchange Scheme?
It is a joint programme of the Energy Commission and the Government of Ghana helping consumers save money and protecting the environment through the use of energy efficient refrigerators. All the refrigerators are labelled using the Ghana Energy Efficiency Guidelines set by L1 1958.

Who is issuing the rebates?

The Government of Ghana through the Energy Commission is providing funds for the rebates.

Where can I get rebate forms?
Rebate forms are provided by each retail outlet.  You will be provided with the forms for completion when you enter any of the participating shops to participate in the programme.

How do I redeem my rebate voucher?
You do not need to redeem any voucher.  After you turn in your old working refrigerator and you top up the difference you will immediately have access to taking home a brand new energy efficient refrigerator.  The shop will provide you with a souvenir coupon as a reminder of your participation in the programme.  You will not need to take it anywhere to redeem it.

How much is the government providing for the rebates?
The Government of Ghana is providing GH¢1million per year for the next three years.

When did the rebate programme begin?

The rebate programme was officially launched on a pilot basis in September 2012 for Accra and Tema.  It will be scaled up to cover all other regions before the close of year 2013.  The rebate programme will run until the funds run out. 

Who is eligible for the rebate programme?
Rebates are provided to only Ghanaians who are residential consumers who are also willing to submit a copy of a recent electricity bill and a national identification card.

Do I have to turn in my old appliance to be eligible for a rebate?

Only purchases that replace an existing appliance is eligible for the rebate.

Can I get more than one rebate?
The rebate is limited to one per individual.

What are the rebate amounts?
The rebate amounts range from GH¢200 to GH¢300 depending on the star rating of the refrigerator you intend to purchase.  A 2-star rated refrigerator attracts a rebate of GH¢200 and that of 3 to 5-star refrigerator attracts GH¢300.

Will all retailers sell their products at the same price?
No. Retailers are not obliged to sell at the same price. However, they will maintain their prices for a period to prevent erosion of the rebate amounts through price increases. 

How much energy can I save when I replace my used refrigerator with a new energy-star-qualified model? 

Energy Savings will depend on the specific appliance and model  being replace but new energy star appliances save significantly more energy than those manufactured years ago. For example replacing a refrigerator made before 1993 with a new 5 -star rated model can save up to GH¢150 per year.

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