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Refrigerating appliances consume an average of nearly 1200kWh/year in Ghana or approximately three times more energy than the maximum allowed in countries with robust standards and labelling programs.

Such inefficient appliances result in GH¢ 100 to GH¢ 200 per year of potentially unnecessary electricity expenses for a typical owner which he/she can ill afford. The wasteful consumption of electricity results in more than 0.7 tons per year of CO2 emissions per appliance, an uncontrolled release of CFCs from used appliances can result in the equivalent of another 2 tons of CO2 an inefficient, used appliance is improperly disposed of or replaced.

With more than 2 million inefficient refrigeration appliances in use throughout Ghana the economic cost of such inefficiency is many hundreds of millions of dollars to the national economy, while the avoidable greenhouse gas emissions is many millions of tons of CO2 over the long term. Such economic and environmental damage needs to be mitigated by replacing inefficient, used refrigeration appliances in Ghana with more efficient and environmentally friendly versions.

• In Ghana 27% of households have two refrigerators.

• You can save GH¢150.00 on electricity per year by purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator.

• One highly efficient refrigerator consumes the same energy as a 40W light bulb.

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