Rebates & Turn-in

Implementation Guidelines For Consumers

Pilot Rebate and Exchange Programme(PREP) 

UNDP-GEF is providing assistance to the Government of Ghana to implement a project titled “Promoting of Energy Efficient Appliances and Transformation of the Refrigerating Appliances Market in Ghana”.

The Government, through the Energy Commission will provide funds to finance rebates for the purchase of new refrigerators, after old and functioning ones have been surrendered at participating retail shops. Old and non-functional refrigerators may still be surrendered for proper end-of-life treatment, but will not entitle the consumer to a rebate under the program.


  1. To improve the energy efficiency of appliances marketed and used in Ghana through the introduction of a combination of regulatory tools such Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Information Labels (S&L) and innovative economic tools.

  2. To push the market beyond the moderate and gradual impact of mandatory standards with a rebate scheme for higher efficient appliances.

  3. To promote old refrigerator turn-in for scrapping and proper removal and disposal of ozone depleting gases in the refrigerators.

The Process
  1. Send your old functioning refrigerator to the retail outlet.

  2. Refrigerator will be tested to determine that it is functional.

  3. If appliance is functional, customers will qualify for a discount on the purchase of a new refrigerator.

  4. Choose from eligible refrigerators and pay the difference after redeeming the discount coupon.

  5. The rebates for the Rebate Scheme will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to qualified domestic consumers to purchase 2-star to 5-star rated refrigerators during the implementation period through participating retailers.
Rebates will be obtained at selected retail outlets. Check website for information on participating retail shops.

Participating Bank
The rebates amounts are been administered by ECOBANK Ghana Limited. ECOBANK Ghana, is a member of the Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) with 78 branches in eight regions. The bank will also provide loans to provide assistance to customers who can still not afford to top up to buy the brand new energy efficient refrigerators after the discount has been applied.

Eligibility Criteria
A Participant in the scheme must be:
i. a Ghanaian – present passport, voter’s ID or National ID Card.
ii. a domestic electricity user. Present electricity bill.
iii. willing to complete a form providing details on physical location for verification at a later date.
iv. willing to surrender old but functioning refrigerator at the retail outlet.

Purchase Restrictions
- Rebate coupons will be limited to one per individual.
- Rebate vouchers will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
- Rebate vouchers used outside the specified timeframes will be disqualified.
- Rebate vouchers will not be issued for appliances purchased before or after the rebate offer period of the Rebate Program.

Effective Date of PREP Programme
The Rebate Programme will be launched on 19th September, 2012. The Programme will continue till the end of the year or when a public notice closing the rebate offer is issued whichever is earlier. Consumers and participating parties will be informed on the rebate allocation and progress through the Project website and public notice.

- You can save up to GH¢200 on electricity per year by purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator.
- One highly efficient refrigerator consumes the same energy as a 100W light bulb.

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