Pilot Refrigerator Rebate and Exchange Scheme Launched
As part of government effort to eliminating second-hand goods and product from the Ghanaian market a pilot Refrigerator Rebate and Exchange Scheme, to be used as an innovative tool to transform the Refrigerating Appliance Market in Ghana, which was under theme “Promoting of Appliance Energy Efficiency and Transformation of Refrigerating Appliance Market in Ghana”.

Bargain on new Energy Commission launched new initiative
The Energy Commission of Ghana is spearheading an initiative to replace about 2million second-hand refrigerators said to be in the system with new energy-efficient ones.

Used fridges put off investors
The flourishing market for used, energy inefficient refrigerators has made manufacturers wary of setting up assemblying plants in the country, the Energy Commission has said.

Bring old fridges for new ones... Says Energy Commission
The Energy Commission yesterday launched a $2million pilot rebate scheme aimed at assisting consumers to trade-off their worn-out refrigerators for new energy efficient ones.

Ghana Commences Pilot Rebate Project Scheme
Government through the Energy Commission has commenced a pilot project dubbed: “Promoting Energy Efficient Appliance and Transformation of Refrigerating Appliance Market in Ghana” to improve the energy efficiency of appliance.

Old Fridges For New Ones
Ghanaians who swap their old refrigerators for new ones could save about GHC170 on electricity bills yearly, in addition to rebates of up to GHC300 on new appliances purchased.
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