Energy Commission starts national rebate refrigerator programme


Alfred Ofosu Ahenkorah, Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission has observed that plans are far advanced with regards to the sale of 50,000 units of refrigerators this year to save an estimated 35 million units of electricity for consumers.

According to him, the commission has rolled out its nationwide project to promote appliance energy efficiency and to transform the refrigerating appliances market in Ghana.

Dr. Ahenkorah, during the launch on Friday, May 17, 2013 in Accra, noted that the rebate is an opportunity for customers to get the best deal on new refrigerators on the Ghanaian market, adding that the prices under the scheme have been drastically reduced for a limited period and government is providing funds to make the aquisition of refrigerators affordable.

"New refrigerating appliances under this scheme could be purchased from as low as GH¢180 to GH¢800 after the discount is applied, the discounts offered on the refrigerators depend on the energy efficiency star rating on the refrigerator, " he said.

He continued, "We expect this scheme to follow the success story of the energy efficient light bulbs - the CFLs.  The implementation of this initiative resulted in electricity demand savings of over 33 million dollars per annum."

The Executive Secretary further stated that the company has imported specialized equipment for recovering the banned CFC refrigerants which were still running in refrigerators in most homes across the country.

Mr. Ahenkorah, said discussions have started between the Energy Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and Scrap Dealers Association on how to sanitize the scrapping of refrigerators to avoid burning of cables and crude methods employed in the scrapping process.

"When all the useful contents have been removed from the refrigerators, the frame is simply dumped anywhere and these sometimes find their way into the Odaw River.  We expect that this project will pave the way and show the proper methods for recycling these refrigerators" he added.

Melcom and ROWI, both general appliance shops have joined the scheme, while Appliance Masters and Somovision will continue to run the rebates on their refrigerators.

Participating in the scheme by these shops is voluntary and these companies had to go through a rigorous selection process.  A major partner in the scheme ECOBANK is offering flexible and attractive consumer loans to cover payment of the top-up after the discount is applied on the fridges and freezers.

On 19th September, 2012, the Energy Commission launched the pilot refrigerator rebate and exchange scheme in Accra and its environs.

A total of 2,100 refrigerators were exchange under the pilot scheme.

Source:  The New Statesman
Date:  Monday, 20th May, 2013

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