2,100 old fridges exchanged for new ones


A total of 2,100 old refrigerators have been retrieved by the Energy Commission in Accra for the past eight months.

The exercise which started on a pilot basis last year in Accra and its environs was to afford individuals with old but functional refrigerators the opportunity to replace their appliances at any of the rebate shops.

They are Melcom, Somovision, ROWI and Appliances Masters.

The objective of the exercise is to phase out old refrigerators which consume more electricity and replace them with low consuming refrigerators.

The project provides a rebate of between GH¢100 and GH¢200 to those who submit their refrigerators for new ones.  It also allows the owners to only pay the difference to enable them acquire new ones.

The Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission, Dr. Alfred Ofosu Ahenkora, announced this yesterday at a news conference to rollout the second phase of the project which commences throughout the country today.

He said a total of 1.2 million kilowatts hours of power have been saved through the exercise.

"We took the decision to start on a small scale to understand the market and guage the reaction of the public to the scheme and I am pleased to announce that after the initial phase of running the scheme, we are satisfied with the result and expect the gain to be replicated in the coming months" he said.

Dr. Ofosu-Ahenkorah said the exercise also meant that the commission have been able remove the same number of inefficient refrigerators from various households and replace them with new energy efficient ones to reduce electricity consumption of refrigerators in those households.

He said an inefficient refrigerator could drain close to 1,200 kilowatts or 40 percent of the total household energy, costing GH¢216.

On the other hand, new refrigerators draw less than 500 kilowatts hour per year and reduce the refrigerator's consumption to household to just 16 percent as well as annual electricity bills.

The savings made could be a life-saver when invested well and the contribution from these savings can reduce national consumption not only today but the useful lifetime of the refrigerating appliances which can go for 10 to 15 years, adding that if the Commission is able to meet the target of selling 50,000 units of refrigerators, it can save an estimated 35 million units of electricity", he stressed.

"We expect this scheme to follow the success story of energy efficient light bulbs, the CFL's the implication of this initiative resulted in electricity demand savings of over 124 megawatts and energy cost savings of over US$33 million per annum, he added. 

The old refrigerators, he said, had been sent to City Waste Management Company Limited for disposal.

The Deputy United Nations Development Programme Country Director in-charge of Programmes, Mr. Jeremias Biaser, lauded the Energy Commission and the govenment for their determination to drastically reduce energy consumption in the country.

The Managing Director of ROWI, one of the rebate appliance shops in the exercise, Mr. Sam Amakye Minta, said the time had come for the public to holistically join forces with the government and other stakeholders in the energy sector to save kilowatts of power which continually go waste.

He noted that power was very essential to national development, saying even though government and other agencies were doing their best to generate more electricity, it equally required that individuals conserve power.

Mr. Minta said his outfit will leverage its consumer programme by intensifying its education on the dos and don't about the use of electricity.

Source: The Ghanaian Times
Date: Thursday, May 16, 2013

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