Plant to recycle used fridges unveiled


A Fridge degassing plant to recycle used fridges turned in under the refrigerator rebate scheme of the Energy Commission has been unveiled in Accra.

The 200,000 euro worth facility is the first of its kind in and has the capacity to recycle 100 used appliances daily.

It does not only degas fridges and air conditioners but also decontaminates oils from refrigerator compressors.  These oils can be re-used without any hazardous consequence. 

The facility, owned by City Waste Group, has already begun recycling some 1,200 used fridges turned in under the rebate scheme.

It is also a mobile, self-powered plant which can be used anywhere in the country.

The purpose of the Refrigerator Rebate and Exchange Scheme is to support consumers to purchase efficient refrigerators when they turn in their old ineffiicient refrigerators which are still working to the scheme.

Under the project, consumers who turn in their old refrigerators will be supported financially to pay part of the cost of a new refrigerator. 

The government is investing three million dollars over the next three years to import some 50,000 energy efficient fridges which will save the country 216 MWh of electricity more than half of the electricity which will be produced by the Bui Dam when completed.

The plant has therefore been set up to properly dispose of the gas which contain poisonous gases capable of depleting the ozone layer.

The Technical Director of City Waste,Mr. Jurgen Meinel told journalists at the even to unveil the facility that the company was going to set up 15 collection centres nationwide to receive used fridges.

The Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Daniel Amlalo, indicated that the recycling of the fridges to get rid of poisonous ozone depleting substances was in fulfilment of Ghana's commitment under the Montreal protocol.

The protocol banned such ozone depleting substances in 1989.  He said the EPA was supporting the initiative because it was enhancing the country's drive towards energy efficiency and the introduction of environmentally sound recycling methods.

In  a speech read on behalf of the Executive Secretary of the Energy Commision, Mr. Kofi Agyarko said the project's global objective was to reduce Ghana's energy-related CO2 and ozone depleting substances (ODS) emissions by mitigating the demand for energy in the country's refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

He said the commission was doing this by encouraging the recovery, recycling and/or destruction of environmentally damaging refrigerants.

The project activities will ensure that future refrigeration appliances meet acceptable, efficiency, performance and environmental requirements in order to limit energy consumption.

There are plans to build such fridges locally, the Commission says.

Source: Daily Graphic
Date: Saturday, 2nd February, 2013

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