Old Fridges For New Ones


Ghanaians who swap their old refrigerators for new ones could save about GHC170 on electricity bills yearly, in addition to rebates of up to GHC300 on new appliances purchased.
A recently launched government programme, which aims at transforming the refrigerator appliance market from an energy-wasteful and inefficient one, into a high energy efficient one, allows customers to turn in their old, but functioning fridges for new, efficient ones at rebates of GHC200, or GHC300.
Under the scheme, which currently is running at all Somovision and Beko distribution outlets in Accra and Tema, fridge owners could chooserefrigerating appliances with Ghana Standards Authority energy efficiency star-rated labels on them.
Customers can only select anyof appliances rated from two to five stars. One-star rated appliances are not part of the scheme.
The higher the number of stars on the label, the more efficient the appliance.
A two-Star fridge attracts a discount coupon of GHC150 while a three- to five-Star fridge attractsGHC200.
The Energy Commission, government’s implementing agency of the scheme, estimates that a customer, apart from the discounted value on the new refrigerating appliance, would also make significant savings on electricity bills since the new fridges are highly energy efficient.

A customer who swaps for a two-star fridge with annual electricity consumption of 350kWh will pay a bill of approximately GHC60 for the year or GHC5 per month, as against GHC204 annually or GHC17 per month, if he were to use the old fridge.
A recent study by the Centre for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR) showed that Ghanaian users consumed an average 1,200kWh/yr per refrigerating appliance
Currently the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) approved electricity tariff for domestic users is pegged at 17 pesewas/kWh. 

Therefore, if a customer bought a five-star fridge, for instance, with annual electricity consumption of 200kWh, she would pay a bill of GHC34 for the whole year or just about GHC2.83 monthly, thus making annual savings of a whopping GHC170.

Source: Economic Tribune
Date: Monday 1st October, 2012

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